Hotel Riziky, Andapa

Hotel Riziky offers you comfortable accommodations during your stay in Andapa

Located in a quiet area near the southern edge of town, away from the daily noise and bustle, Hotel Riziky has six furnished bungalows and a friendly, welcoming staff.

Our accommodations include four single-room bungalows, one two-room bungalow and a family bungalow, all with private bathrooms (toilet and shower). Each bungalow has a television with Canal satellite reception, and for those times when the town’s electricity is out, we have our own generator.

We emphasize cleanliness, simplicity and efficiency, and will always do our best to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Daily breakfasts are homemade from fresh local produce, including honey from our own hives.

Hotel Riziky Bungalows

Hotel Riziky Bungalows

Hotel Riziky room

Hotel Riziky paillotte

The town of Andapa is situated in an area that offers unlimited possibilities for walks, treks and other adventures, and Hotel Riziky can arrange half-day or day-long tours. Popular activities include walks up the local hill of Anjiabe at sunset, picnics and swimming at the waterfalls, and visits to tiny villages to see the people and their way of life in the vast green rice fields which extend as far as the eye can see.

Andapa is also the gateway to nearby Marojejy National Park and Anjanaharibe-Sud Special Reserve, which protect some of Madagascar’s most beautiful rainforests.

Hotel Riziky also has a car to rent, as well as a motorcycle and bicycles, ideal for seeing the countryside in a leisurely, unhurried fashion — which is certainly one of the most charming aspects of our beautiful area.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. It’s always a pleasure for us to provide you with an enjoyable experience and make your stay in Andapa the best possible.


Mr. Christian Bora

Phone: +261